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How to get from Kickback to Kickback

By :Lauren Cattell 0 comments
How to get from Kickback to Kickback

Yesterday we cycled from The Arches in Altrincham to The Roastery in Pott Shrigley. This ride was a great start to showcase our journey to Manchester Coffee Festival later this year

We took a less direct route, finding quiet country roads but some gravel and pebbles in there too. A rather entertaining ride for those on road tyres. 

It was a great chance to share all things KBC and showcase what we love doing most, being outdoors. We look forward to sharing more of our plans for Manchester Coffee Festival soon. 

In the meantime, why not try out Kickback to Kickback route and give the pebble  track a try for yourself. Road tyres optional. Keep an eye out for more adventures like this. 

You can find the route here on our Komoot page. 


The big question, what we were drinking. 

Our coffee of the month, Costa Rica. Providing a fruity punch for the ride ahead. 

Try it yourself!

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