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Kickback & live easy

When people come into the Roastery – we often get asked the question, how long have you guys been here? To which the answer is an invitation for us to talk you through how it all began…

The story is simple; it began as a hobby for Alex and grew into something significantly bigger. Thanks to Alex’s friends and family loving what he was doing, it began the journey to make Kickback Coffee into a business. Since 2017, we have been putting out a new single origin roast each month, sampling some incredible coffees and meeting some amazing people along the way. At Kickback Coffee, our aim is to get fresh roasted, high quality, unique tasting coffees out to you wonderful people.

This last year has been incredible. We are no longer just a company of 1 and now have a small team of incredibly talented people who are taking Kickback Coffee to new heights. We also opened ‘The Arches’, our second site over in Altrincham, which has been an amazing addition, giving so many more people the opportunity to try our fresh roasted coffee. We took the opportunity to exhibit at both London and Manchester coffee festivals, where we showed what we can do on a national level. All of which would not have been possible if it weren’t for you, our amazing customers.

We often get asked, “What does Kickback mean?” and this leads to so many interesting interpretations, which we love. That being said, Kickback to us means ‘to hang with friends, adventure and enjoy life’ and it’s exactly how we intend to continue doing things.

We have learnt so much and know there is still so much more to learn – so why not do it together.