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How to dial in your Sage Espresso Machine

By :Annemarie Smith 0 comments
How to dial in your Sage Espresso Machine

Have you recently, or not so recently treated yourself to a Sage coffee machine and just can’t quite get that sweet and balanced espresso?

Have no fear, I’m going to break it down in a simple step-by-step process, a bit like you’re baking a cake. To make sure you don’t get through that full kilo you’ve just bought, without getting one good brew from it. Or even worse, giving yourself the caffeine shakes because you’ve tasted every espresso that’s come from your machine. Just in case that’s already happened though…chocolate helps!


Before we start, here is a list of everything you may need:

  • Your sage machine
  • A full hopper of freshly roasted coffee beans from your favourite roaster *cough*Kickback*Cough*
  • Your Razor tool / Scales (you can use either)
  • a cup

 Ok, let's brew some coffee!


Step 1

We need to make sure we are getting the correct amount of ground coffee into the portafilter. We recommend 18g in your double basket.

If you are using scales

  • Place your portafilter on your scales and take the scales to 0 either by pressing the Tare option or 0.
  • Grind 18g of coffee into your portafilter
  • Tamp (squeeze the air out) so that it is flat and level. To do this, just lean your bodyweight into it
  • Place your portafilter into the brew head and hit that 2-cup button.


If you are using the razor tool:

  • Grind coffee into your portafilter
  • Tamp your coffee
  • Using the razor tool upright into the portafilter. Look to see if the coffee reaches the tool. If there is too much, you can spin the tool to take off the excess. If not enough – just add a little more coffee.
  • Place your portafilter into the brew head and hit that 2-cup button.


Step 2

You need to watch how long the coffee takes to come out. You are aiming for as close to 30 seconds as possible.

 It is now at this point we may need to make some slight adjustments. Think of your grind size as either pebbles or sand. It’s about finding the perfect balance between the two.

If your coffee comes out in LESS than 27 seconds
you need to make your grind size FINER.
If your coffee comes out in MORE than 32 seconds
you need to make your grind size COARSER.

After you have made an adjustment to your grind size, repeat step 1. This is important, because by adjusting the coarseness you will affect how much coffee is in your portafilter.


Step 3

Once you have got your espresso pouring nicely, (it should be running smoothly like 2 mouse tails) it is now you can set your grind time. For example; if you ground for 10 seconds, weighed it and had to add 2 more seconds to make it 18g. Then you need to add 2 more seconds onto your current grinder time.


Finally, the most important part of the process. Taste your coffee!

I have given you  a standard recipe for dialling in coffee, and as you taste more you will begin to understand the tastes that you like and tailor your recipe to be your own.

The machine used for this recipe is the Sage Barista Pro. If you have any further questions with regard to dialling in your Sage machine, or you want to book onto our Sage 1-1 classes. Please send an email at 

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