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Did you know why I started roasting coffee?

By :Alexander Shaw 0 comments
Did you know why I started roasting coffee?

I started drinking coffee around the age of 18. Why? Because my friends did and I didn't want to order a hot chocolate when we went to a cafe, obviously. From here I quickly started to develop a taste for coffee and increased my consumption at home with a cafetiere. Using the cafetiere was my introduction to fresh coffee. I would try different varieties, different strengths, different roasts but all bought from the supermarket. Now, I'm not saying that all supermarket coffee is bad...but if you go back 10+ years to when I was buying it, it definitely wasn't the selection you can get today.


With my cafetiere coffee in the morning, I thought I was a connoisseur, I thought I was trying the best coffee available, coffee couldn't get better than this. Or could it??? This was true until I met Tim at 200 Degrees who opened my eyes to exactly what FRESH coffee was. He explained to me the basic principle of how the flavour and taste of coffee degrades over time post roast date. Game changer!


My first experience of fresh coffee was great, the flavour more intense, more full and put simply, tasted so much better. It was during this meeting with Tim that he also told me that I could roast coffee myself using a popcorn machine at home. And this is where the journey began...



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