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The Explorer (Subscription Only)

The Explorer (Subscription Only)


Our signature house coffee is a perfectly balanced blend of Nicaraguan, Colombian and a little Ethiopian to add the sweetness. Can be enjoyed as a filter, so not just for espresso

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The Explorer (Subscription Only)

The Explorer (Subscription Only)


The Explorer gets its unique flavour from the 3 different beans. Nicaragua forms the body of our Espresso and provides the nuttiness; Ethiopia provides the light fruitiness; and Colombia smooths out any harsh edges. This leaves our Explorer Blend with perfectly balanced taste notes of nuts and raisins


Key characteristics


  • Nicaragua
  • Ethiopia
  • Colombia

Process: washed

The producer

Our Nicaraguan Nueva Segovia is a high quality coffee coming from the region of Dipilto. The Farmers in this region are quality conscious and utilise the rich soils in this region to ensure the quality of their beans is of the highest standard.