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Caff Ya Later

Caff Ya Later


This decaf coffee has been decaffeinated using the sugarcane process and has fast become our favourite methods of decaffeinating coffee. It has incredible taste notes of chocolate and caramel and goes very well in both espresso based drinks and filter

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Caff Ya Later

Caff Ya Later


The way in which the caffeine has been extracted from the cherries has left the beans with clean and sweet tasting notes of chocolate and caramel.

Key characteristics

  • Farmers: 7 smallholders
  • Region: Huila and Cauca
  • Growing Altitude: 1,600 - 1,850m (Above sea level)
  • Process: Washed, Decaf (Sugarcane)
  • Screen size: 15+
  • Varietal: Castillo, Caturra and Colombia
  • Fermentation Time: 12 - 48 Hours. Cherry, 12 - 62 hours tank.
  • Drying Time: 12 - 30 days

The producers and their method

This coffee comes from 7 producers across 4 municipalities in Huila. From Acevedo: there is Don Gabriel Costana who is known as the father of the Pink Bourbon, his son Jeferson Costano Motta, and Duverney Sanchez; from Pitalito: Luis Alberto Jojoa and Carlos Guamanga; From Piacol: Miller Walles; and from Cauca, Jose Olmedo sanchez. 

The decaffeination process used utilises a natural by-product of sugarcanes known as ethyl acetate. The process utilises the natural direct-solvent by first steaming the beans to open their pores and are then rinse them in ethyl acetate repeatedly to remove the caffeine. Next the beans are dried but not completely, 10-12% humidity remains, and then the open bean is sealed with natural wax that in no way affects the flavour, fragrance or aroma of the coffee.