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The Christmas Blend

The Christmas Blend


Introducing our first Christmas blend. Crafted by blending three unique coffees from El Salvador, Brazil and Rwanda

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Grind type

The Christmas Blend

The Christmas Blend


This blend is rich and decadent with notes of chocolate, hazelnut and clementine.


Key characteristics

  • Producers: Frederico Pacas Lopez, Lucas Lancha de Oliveira, Rwamatamu Coffee
  • Farm: Tuxpal Estate, Sao Lucas, Rwamatamu
  • Country: El Salvador, Brazil, Rwanda
  • Processing: Natural & Washed
  • Growing Altitude: 1,000 - 2,000 MASL 
  • Variety: Red Bourbon & Mundo Novo
  • Harvest: 2022/23

The producers


Tuxpal Estate in El Salvador is the perfect base to this Christmas blend. The naturally processed coffee adds a rich body with chocolatey sweetness. Sao Lucas in Brazil adds classic chocolatey and nutty notes and the washed Rwamatamu coffee from Rwanda offers the clementine brightness.