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D.R. Congo - Katanda

D.R. Congo - Katanda


This washed process coffee coming from the Democratic Republic of Congo has an exceptionally smooth body. With its delicious tasting notes of vanilla and cranberry it can be enjoyed in both espresso based drinks and as a filter coffee.

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Grind type

D.R. Congo - Katanda

D.R. Congo - Katanda


This coffee has been produced using the washed process. Once the cherries have reached the washing station they are carefully sorted and only the ripest cherries are selected for washing. After this they are pulped to remove the skin and most of the fruit. The parchment for the cherries is then left in the sun for up to 14 days and then rested in a cool dry environment for between 1-2 months. This careful processing and dedication to quality has given this delicious coffee tasting notes of vanilla and cranberry.


Key characteristics

  • Producers: Various Smallholders
  • Region: Lubero, Isale, North Kivu
  • Soil: Volcanic
  • Processing: Washed
  • Screen Size: 15+
  • Growing Altitude: 1500 - 1900 masl
  • Variety: Bourbon
  • Harvest: 2021

The producers

This coffee comes from various smallholder farms who each use the same washing station. The Katanda washing station is owned by Virunga coffee to produce high quality coffees whilst supporting local farmers. Virunga have a 3 part strategy to help their farmers: 1. To increase production through agronomic practiec. 2. To improve quality through education and strict guidelines for production and processing. 3. To obtain internationally recognised certificayion in order to generate better revenue for farmers.


Since 2012 Virunga has trained over 2,300 farmers in good agricultural practices and gained certification for their farmers in the Isale region.