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Myanmar - Padah-Lin

Myanmar - Padah-Lin


This delicious single origin coffee coming from Myanmar was chosen by us for its incredible smooth body. The washed process used by the group of smallholder farmers have given this coffee taste notes of milk chocolate and cinnamon. We have roasted this coffee with various brewing methods in mind so it is best enjoyed as both espresso and filter.

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Grind type

Myanmar - Padah-Lin

Myanmar - Padah-Lin


This coffee has been grown in the remote mountinous area of Ywangan which is known for its high quality soil. The height of the mountains and different types of trees which grow in the area allow the perfect amount of altitude, weather and tempreture for coffee growth. The Expert care and knowledge of their land has given these beans delicious tasting notes of milk chocolate and cinnamon


Key characteristics

  • Region: Ywangan
  • Farmers: Smallholders from 16 villages in Ywangan
  • Growing Altitude: 1,280m (Above sea level)
  • Variety: Red Catuai
  • Process: Washed
  • Harvest: December - April

The producers

This coffee is produced by Mandalay Coffee Group (MCG) and encompasses a number of different farmers predominantly from the Danu and some Pa-O hill-tribes. Their farms sit in the remote mountainous area of Ywangan, an area they are very familiar with and have situated their farms to perfect their coffee growth. 


The farmers have named this coffee after the limestone caves in Ywangan. The caves are famous as they contain prehistoric paintings thought to be 3000 years old.