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Guatemala - El Niagara

Guatemala - El Niagara


This delicious washed coffee coming from Finca El Niagara is perfect for espresso. It has tasting notes of milk chocolate and candied orange.

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Grind type

Guatemala - El Niagara

Guatemala - El Niagara


Finca El Niagara is perfectly situated close to the Papaya volcano meaning the soils are filled with rich minerals. Along with the high levels of rainfall experienced in the region each year and the the growing conditions for coffee are considered perfect. These conditions paired with the care given by Minor through his fully washed processing has given these beans tasting notes of milk chocolate and candied orange.


Key characteristics

  • Producers: Mynor Daniel Zamora Salazar
  • Farm: Finca El Niagra
  • Region: Fraijanes
  • Soil: Volcanic / Clay-Loom
  • Processing: Washed
  • Growing Altitude: 1730 masl
  • Variety: Red Bourbon
  • Harvest: 2021/22

The producers


Mynor Daniel Zamora Salazar is the owner of Finca el Niagra, a farm which has been in his family for over 120 years. This harvest was due to be his last as he was on the cusp of selling his farm due to low prices paid for coffee. However, he heard about speciality coffee and thankfully he now has the ability to make a living out of his high quality coffee. 


The farm itself is gets so much rainfall that small waterfalls from across the farm leading to them naming the farm Finca El Niagra.